CLC Paper Range

On the following pages we list our latest range of color laser copier papers. The range provides equipment users with a variety of surfaces and paper weights to achieve virtually any imaging application. Each of our papers has been designed to run consistently and trouble free. All have been tested extensively, by the leading copier manufacturers, on many of the most modern color laser devices available. Our main range of CLC papers starts at 28lb bond (105gsm) and runs to 130lb cover (350gsm). Most are available in 5 popular sizes. Our abbreviations for these sizes are:

A 8-1/2” x 11”

B 11” x 17”

OS 12” x 18”

BO 13” x 19”

AL 8-1/2” x 14”

The papers are offered packed in boxes, reams or cases; to cater for all volume requirements. Please consult your equipment manual for your particular copier to confirm the suitability of the paper weight you desire to run. If in doubt; just ask your MtM supplies representative for the specialty papers chart for your specific device. It’s Free, It’s Colorful It’s full of interesting stuff. It’s simply


the most exciting accessory ever produced for your Digital Color Device!

Our color copier and printer media swatches are ideal for demonstrating how the specialty color copier media available through MtM will look, feel, and perform for you and your customers! Most people are not aware that their copier is capable of imaging on so many unique materials.

The media in this swatch include: The full range of gloss and matte papers, self-adhesives, foils, window clings, wood veneers, magnetic papers, CLC labels. It contains actual imaged samples of 101 materials. This current swatch was produced on a range of copiers including the Ricoh 7210, Canon 8000 and Konica models, but even if your copier is a different model, many of these materials will be equally suitable for your machine too.

All in one neat tidy little swatch...Perfect, Huh?

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