With Printable Folder Pockets!

Do-It-Yourself pocket folders have been available for years. The BIG drawback has always been that the pockets could not be run through the copier so they ended up being plain white. Things have just changed in a major way. Using the unique LiftOff technology, printable folder pockets are now a reality. The pockets and folders can now match, NICE! The LiftOff die-cut technology used for the printable pockets was developed to provide a printer/copier friendly material with fast blank removal, clean edged and tear resistant die-cut material. Safe for use on standard copiers and printers.

LiftOff uses a unique film carrier to support and transport the die cut blank through the copier. Then the real magic begins. Peel away the film carrier to remove the item from the matrix in a fraction of the time that conventional sheets take. Often the pockets just freely release from the surround. Since there are no perforations, the edges are super smooth. Last but not least, the reverse of the sheet is laminated to give a tough, tearproof, durable pocket. Step 1. Choose the type and quantity of folders needed Our presentation folders bodies are designed to run on digital printing equipment and give you the ability to print folders on demand. No need to have expensive Pre-printed folders on the shelf getting dusty and out of date. The folder bodies come pre-scored for a crisp fold for use on their own or with our Lift Off™ printable pockets. The 9" x 12" finished size (folded) is big enough to hold a variety of sales material. The 13” x 19” size allows for printing full bleed folders when cut down to 12” x 18”. Available in high gloss 12pt C1S, smooth matte 120# cover, silver metallic foil card and 14pt C1S real cherry wood veneer.




Sheet Size

50 Folders

250 Folders

Gloss white cast coat C1S 12” x 18” (9” x 12” folded) Gloss white cast coat C1S 13” x 19” For full bleed Matte white coated C2S 12” x 18” (9” x 12” folded) Matte white coated C2S 13” x 19” For full bleed



NOTE: 13” x 19” folder bodies can be cut down to 12” x 18” at no extra cost SPECIALTY FOLDER BODY PRODUCT CODES Description Sheet Size 25 Folders 50 Folders 125 Folders 250 Folders Silver Metallic Foil 13” x 19” FBBOC1SSV FBBOC1SSV/VP Cherry Wood Veneer 12.5” x 19” FBBOC1SCH FBBOC1SCH/VP

Cracking Disclaimer - Printing over score lines may result in cracking due to different printing equipment and capabilities.

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