STEP 1 Turn the sheet over, so the artwork is facing downwards and grab the triangle tab in the corner of the sheet. Begin to pull away the film, just an inch from the edge. STEP 2 With one hand, hold the exposed sheet firmly in place. With the other hand, pull the rest of the film off the sheet in one swift motion. STEP 3 Turn the sheet over again, so the artwork is facing upwards and pop the Lift Off™ product out. STEP 4 Fold the product along any built in score lines and complete assembly. For Pre-Taped Products: Fold and test assemble prior to peeling back adhesive strip. For Tape-Included Products: Fold and test assemble prior to applying tape to “Tape Area”. When satisfied, peel back adhesive strip and complete assembly.

Features: ● Proprietary technology for super smooth clean edges ● Easy fast removal from surrounding sheet ● Unique media option for promotional messaging ● Designed for variable printability ● Compatible on a variety of digital equipment ● Performance Guaranteed ● Watch just how fast and easy liftOff is at:


Custom layouts available. If any of the standard items do not meet your needs, we can tailor the media for your exact usage. Custom Lift Off Sheets

Bottle Sleeves

Pillow Boxes


What will you use LiftOff for?

Door Hangers


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