The most widely used synthetic for laser compatable products. You will see polyester used for many of our products throughout this catalog. Polyester has properties such as heat resistance, high strength, easy machinability, dimensional stability, tear resistance, moisture resistance, etc. Many refer to this material as Mylar, or waterproof, synthetic and never tear papers, or simply as PET film. Polyester feels rigid and crisp. The materials coating is formulated to produce accurate color and monochrome copies from a range of standard office copying equipment. The film is coated identically on both sides of a white base to promote flatter lying.


PolyBlend is a dimensionally heat stable, semi-rigid polypropylene based substrate. PolyBlend offers excellent print definition with extreme tear resistance and durability. Using advanced technologies, PolyBlend synthetic paper combines the best print performance of any material with good lamination bond strength.

Plastic Paper

A new synthetic has been recently developed. This new Plastic paper is a hybrid. As with other types of hybrids mixing several important properties together can have a interesting and commercially desirable outcome. Plastics certainly fall into that category. This new Plastic Paper is such a material. Offering the feel and performance of a high quality digital paper with the tensile strength, elastic properties, dimensional stability, tear resistance and moisture resistance, of its parents, but without the static that plagues the leading synthetic films. This material is very pliable in its thinner gauges and when die cut with a micro perforation will tear with a soft smooth feel. This material is ideal for pre-perforated sheets in particular when used for plant tags, retail shelf strips and bound booklets.


DryPeel Drypeel materials are made using a special adhesive that dries into a non-tacky state; this means that they hold the face material onto the backing sheet during manufacturing, printing, and storage but, when the item needs to be removed for use, the dry peel adhesive remains on the face material as a dry, non-tacky layer that leaves no residue behind. An example of this are the coupons on many retail packaging. We have simply applied this technology to some of out synthetic products.

Example of Dry?Peel adhe?

Economy Card Stock

Card stock, also called cover stock or pasteboard, is a paper stock that is thicker and more durable than normal writing or printing paper, but thinner and more flexible than other forms of paperboard. Weight GSM SURFACE Brightness White Acid Free Opacity Gloss PCW PPI 10pt 218 Matte / Matte 101 129 YES 98 45 None 200

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