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nsive full line catalog of your imaging and finishing material requirements. supporting equipment users, dealers and supply rmation to enhance their business presentations and graphics. source for advice in matching materials to equipment and applications; helping ghest quality of output possible. liar with the support and service available from Marketing and Technical Materials. , not just as a material supplier, but as a solutions partner, capable of offering rough many years of working directly with paper and film producers, convertors, equipment hroughout the world, is yours for the asking. we support, however the reliability and quality of our customer care are constants. rt, but also in providing you with a timely response to questions, delivery siasm for customer service. on MtM to provide you with the up-to-date information on materials and applications log often, but to also call or e-mail us with your questions.


and on helping you to be successful in yours. or imaging and finishing products and support.

1 800-704-4647

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