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If you use synthetic media you will, undoubtedly, be aware of the many synthetic stocks available in the market these days. Each has its ideal use but almost all suffer from a common problem:


Static electricity has to be the number one issue we hear from synthetic users. Until Now! A new synthetic has been recently developed. This new solvent free plastic paper is a hybrid. As with other types of hybrids mixing several important properties together can have an interesting and commercially desirable outcome. Plastics certainly fall into that category. This new Plastic Paper is such a material. Offering the feel and performance of a high quality digital paper with the tensile strength, elastic properties, dimensional stability, tear resistance and moisture resistance, of its parents, but without the static that plagues the leading synthetic films. This material is very pliable in its thinner gauges and when die cut with a micro perforation, will tear with a soft smooth feel. This material is ideal for pre-perforated sheets in particular when used for plant tags, retail shelf strips and bound booklets. As this is a relatively new material we are still finding its place amongst the variety of synthetics currently available. One thing for sure is, with its static free property, the only thing this new material will be attracting is plenty of attention in a variety of markets.


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