Flat Matte Roll-Up Banner Film This instant dry, white hybrid film has a water-resistant coating that allows for heavy ink saturation producing bold, beautiful prints. It also has a grey block-out layer eliminating show through. This feature and anti-curl characteristics, make it an ideal material for use in retractable banner stands. The matte face stock reduces interior glare from lighting, making this durable film suitable for a variety of indoor marketing applications including banner stands, trade booth

graphics and Point-of-Purchase displays. WIDTH THICKNESS SURFACE LENGTH Core SIZE

ROLL Sq Feet


SALES UNIT Per Roll Per Roll


24” 36”

10mil 10mil

Flat Matte 100ft Flat Matte 100ft

3” 3”

200 ON3BOB10/24/100 300 ON3BOB10/36/100

17lbs. 19lbs.

Low Glare White Polyester This extremely durable lay flat 7 mil soft gloss polyester film is designed for use in rollable graphic applications such as banner stands and P-O-P displays. The low glare white glossy surface dries quickly and gives excellent color contrast. This material is impervious to light. Match with our pressure sensitive laminates to create visually striking, durable roll graphics.

7.5 mil All Inks


Ink Compatibility


Roll Core 2” Post Production INSTANT Ink Load High Printhead Therm & Pz Water Resistant YES Price $$$$$

ROLL Sq Feet


SALES UNIT Per Roll Per Roll



36” 42”

7mil 7mil

Yes Yes

100’ 100’

2” 2”

300 ON1PDF7/36 350 ON1PDF7/42

17lbs. 21lbs.

Satin White Polyester This lightweight stay-flat film has a silver blockout backside that allows your design to really pop. With a smooth, non-glare finish to eliminate any unwanted reflection, our ON1PDM8 provides users with a waterproof and tear resistant graphic, making for a very durable display. Designed specifically for use in retractable banner stands, this polyester based film hangs flat, resists side-to-side curl, and offers an unmatched scratch resistance. It can also be used for a variety of other graphic applications including posters, front lit displays, tradeshow graphics and point-of-purchase displays. The 60” width can be custom slit to your required width. WIDTH THICKNESS BLOCKOUT LAYER LENGTH Core SIZE ROLL Sq Feet PRODUCT CODE SALES UNIT UNIT WEIGHT 36” 8mil Yes 100ft 3” 300 ON1PDM8/36 Per Roll 19lbs. 60” 8mil Yes 100ft 3” 500 ON1PDM8/60 Per Roll 32lbs.

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