Could it be the Worlds Most Expensive Liquid? Well, not quite but it is in the top 10. At $39 million per gallon, Scorpion Venom is more expensive. But sometimes it feels like only just! Anyway, we decided to offer inks in support of our Inkjet media range. A popular move with our customers.

We only offer the Original Manufacturer inks and printheads. The real OEM versions, not the counterfeit cheap imitations all over the internet. We offer inks for printer models including Canon, Epson and Hewlett Packard. These original OEM cartridges are designed to optimize the performance of your device, while providing the greatest compatibility with a wide range of specialty imaging materials from MtM. Whether Ultrachrome HDR inks from Epson, Vivera ink from HP, or Lucia inks from Canon You can now combine your ordering and get all of the media and inks from one reliable, knowledgeable source. There are far too many types sizes and colors to list here, Call us and we will provide you with pricing specific to your printer.


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