Xerographic Print Media Xerographic copiers and printers provide architectural and engineering design professionals with the facility to make large format reproductions a snap. These machines provide high-speed copies up to 42" wide on a wide variety of media types to match every application. We offer several paper and film stocks in roll format to support this popular business service requirement. Click here to see why we now offer a 450ft option

We Deliver Fast! To minimize freight cost and speed delivery times, these materials are shipped from 16 convenient locations in major population areas throughout the United States. Most orders will take no longer than 3 days to reach you!

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Some xerographic printers like the Ricoh MP CW2201 and HP PageWide use inkjet technology for imaging. While our uncoated bonds will work perfectly on these devices, our coated polyesters and all weather paper will not. We refer you to our inkjet products for the very wide range of inkjet receptive media available for these devices. If in doubt, please contact us as we can supply you with a complete list of suitable materials for your particular printer. Inkjet Users!

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