Marketing and Technical Materials is based in the beautiful and fertile Willamette Valley of Oregon. We are a leading supplier to many photocopier and printer manufacturers as well as distributors throughout the United States and Canada. Within our portfolio of materials are waterproof substrates used in the nursery industry for plant tags, labeling, pot stakes, signage, picking slips and much more. As you look through this catalog you will see many of the products currently used by your friends and colleagues at other nurseries, farms and garden centers. Some use our pre-manufactured off the shelf products, while others order custom materials unique to their requirements. My name is Jim Hatfield, I am one of the owners of MtM. Just give me a call. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how MtM can assist you to produce the best, quickest, and most cost effective product labelling for all your needs right from your office.


I would ask you to please take advantage of our many years specializing in materials for imaging.

Remember: Just like you can provide extensive detailed information and advice about your own products so too can MtM support you in that same way with ours.

1 800-704-4647

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