Benefits and Characteristics of Synthetic Papers

Weather Proof – Able to withstand water, heat and temperature variations Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor uses Durable – Tear proof, fade and scuff resistant Multi-Purpose – Grease, solvent, chemical, insect, blood and sweat resistant Machine Compatibility – high melt point allows for use on wide range of equipment Promotes Work flow Efficiency – No need to laminate Wide range of thicknesses available

Paper-like appearance – Durable and tough with the appearance and smoothness of paper Superior Laser Image Quality – Bright white sheets enable high image quality in the finished product Good chemical resistance to dilute acids and alkalis, greases, oils and fats, organic solvents, alcohols and hydrocarbons, slightly less to ketones, esters and chlorinated hydrocarbons. It is affected by concentrated acids and alkalis, phenols, cresols and chlorinated phenols .

Synthetic Papers uses by Market

Food/ Hospitality Menus/Cooking Instructions Table Tents Airplane Tray Liners Restaurant Groups Hotel Door Handle Tags Placemats Water Bottle Labels Personalized Luggage Tags Hot Plates Event Passes Recipe Cards Recreation Scuba Diving Log Books Divers Slates Nautical Charts Amusement Park Maps/Signage Event Passes Topographic Maps Ski Passes Boating Manuals Marathon and Road Race Bibs Marine Biology Survey Paper Hunting and Fishing Guides Maps/Atlases/Guides

Education Childrens Books Book Marks Student ID Tags/ Cards Parking Tags Instruction Manuals 3-Ring bound products Book Covers Book Dust Covers Personalized Rulers Durable Pocket Guides Instructional Aides Flash Cards Puzzles Stencils Multi-Industry Phone Cards Business Cards Manuals Playing Cards Brochures Catalogs Indoor/ Outdoor Signage Tab Dividers Tickets Calendars Greeting Cards Posters Conversion Charts Police & Fire Maps Manuals Plans and Diagrams Evidence Tags ID Tags Investigation Logs

Military Maps Manuals Plans and Diagrams Flight Manuals ID Tags Submarine Manuals Medical Hospital Manuals Medical Charts Paramedic Pocket Guide Hospital Charts Pharmaceutical Manuals Signage Medical Laboratory Logs Insurance Cards Retail Shelf Wobblers/Danglers Shelf Strips/Sliders Delicatessen Picks Retail Tags Clothing Labels Bottle Collars Point-of-Sale Banners

Industrial Lumber Log Tags Exploded Diagrams Membrane Switch Pads Electrical Insulators Clean Room Environments Brick Tags Brochure Covers Chemical/ Drum Tags Parts Manuals Mobiles Gasoline Station Signage Engineering Catalogs Construction Sites – Blueprints Outdoor Signage Badges Toy Components Slaughterhouse Meat Tags Utilities – Manuals, Cable Wraps Outdoor Wire Tagging Shop Diagrams Military Manuals/ Usage EMT/ Fire Department Maps Poison Charts Candle Mold Relief Temporary Car Licence Plates Government Money Get out of Jail Free Cards Manufacturing Manuals Underwater Fish Tags Christmas Decorations Oil Rigging Charts


POP Displays POP Signage Key FOBs/Cards Incentive Programs Membership Cards Swing Tickets Print Industry Printing Plates Color Test Strips Planning Grids Microfilm Pre-press films Color proofing

Golf Score Cards Sailing Log Books Horticulture

Plant Wraps Plant Stakes Plant Tags Outdoor/ Indoor Signage Planting Instructions Order picking Slips Plant Catalogs

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