We pride ourselves on our ability to offer specialized packaging to those customers who are reselling our products. At no additional cost or delay, MtM can supply the Bucket-O-Banners in a generic format with no MtM details. We can also incorporate your own company details right onto the label, directing repeat business back to yourselves. Private Label Option Banner Combo We realize that not everyone can justify ordering full buckets of each of these materials. To enable you to offer all the media choices, we have introduced our Combo Bucket. This option allows you to mix and match and make your own combo Bucket-O-Banners. The most commonly ordered Combo set is: 50 sheets of the 40lb matte and 40 sheets of the 40lb gloss bonds, 15 sheets of the waterproof synthetic paper and 4 sheets of the waterproof self-adhesive vinyl. Gloss Banner Paper CLC/G40/BANNER This premium, two sided gloss coated paper is a heavy weight media that provides high quality prints at a great low price. Photographs pop on any image. More realistic skin tones and better photo prints coupled with instant handling. 40lb. Matte Banner Paper CLC/M40/BANNER This superior quality, two side coated, matte bond is designed specifically for the extra long print path of high speed digital color machines. Our 40 lb. bond is bright white for strong visual contrast and is manufactured to control curl and static. 40lb. Waterproof Synthetic Paper SUPER-OP/BANNER This 7 mil thick, two side coated synthetic material has a very high opacity for double side printing with no show through. Suitable for color or monochrome copying and printing, it has a durable, waterproof, wipe clean surface, accepting pen even after printing and is lightfast with excellent archival qualities. This material can be hole punched without the fear of tearing. Comparable to Aquaace AABNRC2S 7mil. Waterproof Self-Adhesive Vinyl VINYL/BANNER This material has a super durable and flexible 4.6mil vinyl facestock on a 91 lb, lay-flat release liner. This matte coated material uses a repositionable, high performance adhesive that is engineered to adhere to steel, plastic and hard surfaces. Being a vinyl media, this product has an outdoor durability of 2 years and is resistant to marine immersion, weathering and abrasion. 5mil. Proo fi ng Paper Economy Bond PPC/BANNER/12 This 20lb opaque bond is a standard everyday copier paper for economy black and white banners and oversized prints. True xerographic, laser and LED quality. Our 20 lb. bond is bright white for strong visual contrast and is manufactured to control curl and static. Use to proof the output before commiting to more expensive banner media. 20lb


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