This unique product line was developed by combining a business card and a letterhead carrier sheet together allowing you to image your letters and business card at the same time. The concept has grown to include many options. Multiple cards and pre-scored sheets ready to fold and mail are now all available. Integrated Laser Cards are made by die-cutting the carrier sheet with a very fine micro perforation tool. After imaging you simply tear out the card. Integrated cards can be made out of paper or plastic, the specific application and cost usually determines which option is best for the project. If you do not see what you need from the off-the-shelf products featured here, we will be happy to discuss producing a custom card to meet your specific needs.


The applications for these integrated ID and membership cards are numerous. Most are very apparent.

Features and Benefits Paper, Laminate, Magnetic and Synthetic Paper card types available Synthetic Paper cards are waterproof, durable, and tear resistant Card formats are available with

1, 2, 3, or 6 cards per sheet Simplex and duplex printing options available User friendly guaranteed

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