Inkjet/Laser Permanent (50/Perm/35)


6.1 mil

Substance weight:

93 lbs./ream (25” x 38”)

Face Stock Face Paper: 50# lignin-free, machine finished paper. Multifunctional information label designed for ink-jets (both single and multicolor), lasers and photocopiers. Substance Weight: 47 lbs./ream (25” x 38”) Caliper: 3.5 mil Tensile strength: 31 lbf/in (MD) Tensile strength: 13 lbf/in (CD) Roughness: 5.0 microns Opacity: 92% Brightness: 98% Adhesive Information Adhesive: Modified acrylic. Universal permanent adhesive for all roll to sheet applications. Min. labeling temp: +32ºF Min. service temp: -4…+248ºF Liner Information Liner: 35# white kraft. For labelstock where a thin liner is needed, especially for sheeted labelstock and other VIP labeling. Substance weight: 31 lbs./ream (24” x 36”) Caliper: 2.2 ± 0.2 mil Tensile:MD 29 lbf/ins Tensile:CD 11 lbf/ins Shelf Life : One year when stored at 70ºF and 50% RH.


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