IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may have noticed that some of the Xerox brand materials you have used for years are no longer available. Domtar has streamlined the Xerox media range. If you have been looking for a Xerox item and not finding it please note: MtM has it and will continue to offer our selected alternatives to all the specialty media products once offered by Xerox. Also note that many of the Xerox items that are still available have been enhanced. The Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line can meet a wide variety of needs. From everyday usage to high-volume jobs, and from digital printing to more specialty applications. You will see throughout this catalog that MtM already offers a wide range of specialty media. The Xerox range compliments our portfolio and ensures that you’ll find just what you need for your business or for professional-looking print jobs. Vitality ™ papers are multipurpose papers that will always give you great looking results. So whether you’re printing on your desktop printer, using a laser printer, making copies or stocking paper for the whole office, Xerox® Vitality™ will help you get the job done more efficiently and with less hassle. Bold ™ office papers and digital printing papers are digitally optimized to give you the professional quality results that your work demands. When you’re looking for results that make your work look a step above the rest. This high quality line will help you make an impression that lasts. The Revolution ™ line includes a wide variety of specialty papers, films, and materials. These unique and customizable products help you increase sales by offering your customers a full range of professional looking marketing and business-building tools. The Xerox® Paper and Specialty Media Line can also help meet corporate and sustainability goals. Nearly all of the office papers and digital printing papers within the line are Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified and the entire line of office and premium office papers are produced in the United States or Canada. OEM ASSURED PERFORMANCE List of Xerox Paper and Specialty Media Discontinued Items March 2019 pdf.


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