Where do you turn when all you need is a small quantity of labels but can’t justify the high cost of dies? How about needing a label to complete your prototype, adding the finishing touch before presenting your product through market testing, product presentations, focus groups and photo shoots for new product launches. You may just want to make sure the shape and material type will do the job before investing in large production runs. Difficult surfaces, unusual shapes or rigorous print durability present many challenges. What ever your need, we can help, our special die-less cutting technology lets us do custom label layouts without the initial investment in tooling. Choose from our wide range of specialty laser compatible media, provide us with your requirements and let us provide you with a professional working label sheet ready for imaging. When you’re satisfied with the layout and functionality of the media, let us take it to production, adding you to the many 100’s of customers we support with our custom labels. ● Prototype packaging ● Wine labels ● Craft Beer labels ● Stencils ● Small requirements ● Unique Shapes ● Durability testing ● Die Cut shapes ● Perforations


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