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Face-Cut Label Sheets

We have all come across those frustrating labels that no matter how hard you try you can’t get them to separate from the backing. You could use a crack and peel label but run the risk of adhesive ooze getting onto your printer, gumming up the fusing rollers and causing imaging issues and even shutting down your printing until an unhappy technician can get there to cleanup the mess. To overcome this problem for our own label needs, we position the image on a pre kiss-cut label sheet is such a way that when we cut the sheet into individual labels we create a small tab or score between the labels allowing for a fast peel, increasing productivity tremendously. This is ideal for smaller labels that if we used a crack and peel material we would have to peel off multiple pieces and those tiny triangles in the corners, no thanks! We are now offering these label sheets to you. They are made using our digital grade gloss label material with a permanent adhesive. Please note, if one of our standard sheets just does not work for you, we would be happy to produce a custom layout to suit your needs.


● Experience improved runnability (avoid adhesive ooze in the copier). ● Increases productivity (No lost time trying to fine the edge of the label). ● No Frustrating tiny triangles (Backing comes off in one piece). ● Happier Technicians (@%$#*&^()$%).

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