Permanent Adhesive

Repositionable labels are usually used as temporary labels that can be applied for a short period of time and then removed when the information is no longer needed. Permanent - An adhesive designed to stick to a substrate without edge lifting that can not be removed without damaging either the label or the substrate.

Repositionable Adhesive

They are also used for applications that require a high level of positional accuracy; the label can be applied and, if it is slightly crooked or wrinkled, it can be removed and reapplied until the required position is achieved. Most repositionable labels use a microsphere adhesive. it is also easily removed, with little to no adhesive residue left behind and no damage done to either the label or the substrate. These adhesives will, however, become permanent after extended periods of time or if they are exposed to more extreme temperatures and weather conditions. Removable adhesives are used to make temporary labels, which can be used to label items for short periods of time before the label is removed because it is no longer needed or is out of date. Ultra Removable is our lowest level of initial tack and low ultimate adhesion. Removable Adhesive A pressure sensitive adhesive characterized by low initial tack and low ultimate adhesion. The adhesive has enough tack to adhere a label securely to a substrate but

Salvage Removed?


Why do our lasersafe adhesive materials have 1/16” of the labels edge removed from around the sheet? This additional feature is to eliminate the chance of adhesive ooze from the edges of the label sheets. When the material is run through a laser fuser, the heated adhesive potentially could ooze into part of the dry zone and not out of the sheet’s edge onto the fusing rollers. This keeps the printer much cleaner and reduces the times that the fusing unit must be stopped for cleaning. It also prevents the sides of the sheets from becoming sticky as a result of heat exposure caused by storing labels in an area with an elevated temperature. The result is a label that performs better in laser printers compared to lower quality labels having excess ooze. This way we can offer an adhesive formulation that works for difficult to adhere applications yet will still work in laser printers.

Label face stock 1/16” smaller than backing sheet

Dry Zone

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