Self Adhesives Everywhere you go, you cannot avoid seeing self adhesives in use: mailing labels, promotional signs, window stickers, nursery pot labels and bumper stickers are just a few examples. At MtM, we offer a broad range of pressure sensitive materials from ultra-removable to ultra-high adhesion – our adhesive products are ideal for demanding applications in the electronics, medical, industrial, graphics, construction and consumer goods industries. This section of our catalog concentrates on self adhesive materials developed for today’s modern laser copiers and digital printers. We offer materials suitable for devices from the smallest desktop printer to high speed production equipment. We also offer adhesive materials for other printer technologies and applications. Throughout this catalog you can find products designed for inkjet, latex and solvent printers as well as mounting and lamination. We offer many of our products in small volume off the shelf packs, but are equally suited to projects requiring custom production of 100’s of thousands of sheets. Take a look through the following pages and get a good idea of just how diverse these materials are. We are here to guide you on the correct materials for your application and the type of printer you have. You are going to see that the majority of the labels we supply do not have a crack back or slit on the carrier sheet, instead we offer kiss cut labels. A kiss cut label is created when a sharp metal die or laser cuts a very light impression around the perimeter of the label's desired shape. This impression cuts through the face stock peel-off material but not through the backing material. Usually this is the preferred method, eliminating the chance of adhesive ooze weeping through the crack backing. However, the lack of a crack backing becomes a problem when a larger full sheet label is cut down to smaller sizes. This can cause difficulty in separating the label from the backer. To help overcome this issue, we supply several label sheets with pre-scored face stocks. The idea is, if the desired finished size label is laid out in such a way, that the score is used as one of the labels finished edges. When the sheet is cut down, leave some extra material on that edge to form a tab. This then allows the user to simply peel the backing away in one piece. F OR LASER COPIERS AND PRINTERS


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